A digitally integrated in-store experience

A digitally integrated in-store experience

The client
Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company

The challenge
Redesign a digitally integrated in-store experience to facilitate the user journey through the store, addressing a variety of customer needs.

The team
Lead Designer, Senior Designers (x2) (myself), Designers (x3), Copywriter, Creative Director

An interior design team, branding team and customer experience / design team collaborated and developed a new vision for a cohesive store experience. With the availability of online shopping and access to information, including reviews and product comparisons, modern consumers expect a tailor-made retail experience in-store to compliment that.

Telstra set out to completely redesign their in-store experience to address a variety of user needs – product showcase and comparison, connected home, accessories, workshop and tech help, while maintaining a coherent user journey.

The outcome
After initial background research, the teams collaborated on three test phases in a fabricated test store with variant configurations and messaging. We tested with real users and used their insights to drive decision making and changes through the phases

The result was a cohesive store experience that integrated and addressed different user needs, giving them the comfort and space they needed within the store to achieve their goals. The final designs began rolling out across Telstra’s 360 stores in Australia in 2019.


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