home is my oddly wonderful family


home is my oddly wonderful family

Self promotional postcards

I created a series of self-promotional, illustrated postcards called ‘ home is my oddly wonderful family’ to give a bit of insight into my family and my sense of humour. The postcards depict weird sayings that my family often use. In addition to the illustrations, there is a story on the back of each postcard that explains the story behind the phrase:

‘Is the pope a camel?’

In my family, you do something silly or misspeak and they won’t let you forget it. One fateful day, in the serious momentum of cementing a point he was making, my step-dad let slip “is the pope a camel?” Hysterical laughter ensued and it has now become a family favourite. It’s most commonly used when you’re talking to someone who is in the midst of trying to prove a point.

‘High tide or low tide?’

“High tide or low tide?” is a vital question to ask in my family when you’re making the customary post-dinner tea. The translation is “do you want your tea filled right up to the very edge of the cup or do you want there to be no chance of spilling?” The ones who like to live dangerously opt for high tide.


You’re in Europe; you’ve got a healthy fear of pick-pocketing and a tight grip on your bag. Next thing you know you feel someone touching the pocket of your jeans. It’s not what you think though, it’s pack-pocketing. A term coined by my family on a European trip where we regularly slipped our belongings into another family member’s bag so we wouldn’t have to carry them. Throughout the trip every now and then someone would say “did you just pack-pocket me?!”

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