the road not taken


the road not taken

This work explores the concept of ‘the road not taken’ – the major paths in our life where we could have gone in a different direction. We think of what might have been, yet acknowledge that our lives might not be better if we went down a different path.

I created four artworks to reflect the four stanzas of the poem by Robert Frost. The subjects of my first two artworks are about my scoliosis, and the path I wonder about, dance. The other two artworks are based on my mother’s choice to be a full time mother and the path she once considered – joining the navy. The artworks are a collage of imagery that reflects a mood created by personal experience and conversations along with elements of memory – photographs and scans of documents. The 3D element for each piece is based on a prominent visual that resulted from the word.

Project completed as part of my Master of Design at UNSW Art & Design in late 2014.

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