Furever Friends

Branding, Print, Product Design, UX/UI

Furever Friends

Moved by the cruelty endured by animals in the fur industry, myself and two fellow designers, Jessyca Gouw and Lisa Zheng, formed a project to design a multi-faceted solution aimed at children. The project took a gentle approach, grounded in research, to educate children aged 8 to 14 about animals in the fur industry used for fashion gradually over time and to foster an emotional connection with the animals.

Throughout our development of the project, we created three books that documented our research, ideation, sketches, concept development across all aspects of the project – these books are available upon request.

The final outcomes of the project included a colouring book to introduce the children to the first three animal types, a clothing collection using trace elements from the colouring book, a tamagotchi/pet app that fosters a connection with the animal and gives children responsibility to care for it and toy versions of the app animals that can be ordered through the app after a period of time caring for the animal.

The wonderful colouring book, characters and toys were created by my fellow collaborators Jessyca Gouw and Lisa Zheng. My part in the project consisted of designing and making clothing. I also researched, planned and designed the app for iPhone and iPad to a working prototype stage. Jessyca designed the characters, backgrounds and some of the icons for the app.

Tamagotchi style mobile app
Colouring book
Printed canvas bags
Character hat and patterned tights
Furever Friends character toys

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